About Us – NJ’s Bob Power Canvas

A short history.

Established in 1971, at 61 Bellevue Street, and now at 374 Anzac Avenue. The business was called Canvas Supplies & Repairs in the early days. The name was changed to Bob Power Canvas a few years later to maintain the Power name which was already well established in the canvas industry. Bob’s father started his business, “D.J Power & Co. The Canvas Shop”, post war, and was operating in down town Toowoomba.

With business growing into the 80’s, two adjoining properties were bought, and the factory was extended to twice its size. Over the years many apprentices have been carefully selected and trained to become above average tradesman in the industry. Some going on to successfully run their own businesses.

How we operate today.

We specialise in many areas of the canvas and vinyl industry and cover a wide range of products. This includes the smaller jobs like chair covers to making and installing large shade sails and structures.

We also fit and install a number of the products we manufacture. These include shade sails, blinds & awnings and truck tarps were required


  • Made with clear plastic, acrylic canvas or outlook PVC mesh
  • Operated vertically with cord and single and double pulleys
  • Secured at the sides with aluminium sail track and zippers
  • Held at the bottom with terylene webbing straps through stainless steel breaching staples
  • Powder coating of tubing and hardware optional